Introducing Mercer Property, a bespoke agency with a modern and intelligent approach.

With years of experience, unparalleled knowledge on the Sydney property market, and a streamlined formula for success, Mercer Property is the collective efforts of Matt Davoren and Tom Speakman.

With years of experience, unparalleled knowledge on the Sydney property market, and a streamlined formula for success, Mercer Property is the collective efforts of Matt Davoren and Tom Speakman.

Friends, and now founders of Mercer Property, Matt and Tom have been connected through their passion for property since meeting a decade ago. Despite initially being real estate rivals, the pair did share a unified goal when they were appointed to sell a new office development in the heart of Potts Point.

“Shortly after we started working together on the Potts Point project, we realised that we shared common objectives; we were both hungry to prove ourselves in the industry, and we wanted to achieve the best possible result for our client. Although we represented different companies at the time, and we were often competitors, there was honesty and a level of respect for one another. These fundamentals have never changed for us.” Matt says.

Healthy rivalry turned into a genuine friendship, as both Matt and Tom realised they had more in common than just selling the same kind of real estate. The next logical step was to take their principals and create an agency that encompassed their shared vision. By combining their individual career experiences, Matt and Tom are able to offer a unique and diverse service to their clients.

Inspired by how the design and fashion industries have influenced lifestyle marketing, the Mercer Property team has a dynamic vision for their commercial clients. Their aim is to showcase inspirational spaces to shop and work.

A career in real estate for both was always on the cards from an early age.

For Tom “…it’s always been property. It’s fair to say I was destined to get into real estate – it’s in my blood. Property in my family goes back three generations. My great grandfather established a real estate agency in Adelaide that’s still operating to this day, and is one of the longest running independent real estate agencies in Australia”.

Matt grew up with his mother working in the industry; “I started my career in real estate at 18, first working as an assistant commercial property manager on the Northern Beaches. To this day I still service some of my original clients”.

Matt has recently returned to Sydney after two years working for New York City’s number 1 real estate agency, Douglas Elliman. “After nearly 15 years in the Sydney market I felt I needed a fresh perspective on the industry before embarking on my own business”. During his time working in one of the world’s most competitive marketplaces, he was part of a formidable team specialising in ultra-luxury real estate in New York City. “Actively working on some of the most expensive homes in the world and understanding the inner-workings of one of the world’s elite real estate teams, has provided me with a wealth of knowledge and experience that will benefit clients of Mercer Property”.

As partner in a leading Sydney property firm, Tom has delivered a number of exciting office projects across the city fringe, including large commercial spaces in Redfern, Surry Hills and Darlinghurst. “With these projects, I was involved from the outset, working with architects and developers during the planning and design stage, to liaising with marketing teams through to project delivery”.

Excited about their new professional path ahead, and finally becoming business partners, Matt and Tom say their next career chapter won’t all be hard work.

Matt says what makes them passionate about their industry “…is the people we work with. It’s an extremely social industry where you have the opportunity to meet people from all walks of life”. According to Tom, “Enjoying what you do is paramount to a successful career in any industry. For me, being passionate about the industry comes from being involved in new and exciting projects, working on strategic marketing ideas with people, and building great long-term relationships with your clients”.

Putting these practices into place, the result is a bespoke agency with a modern and intelligent approach to marketing and managing property.

  • Kirsten Craze
  • Steven Chee