A professional multitasker with more than 15 years’ of cross-industry experience, Sharon is a highly competent business leader, advisor and strategic partner.

With a professional history in accountancy, and completing the BA of Commerce & Accounting and as a qualified Chartered Accountant for over 15 years, Sharon is a strategic thinker with excellent financial and statutory reporting skills. Her proven experience in reporting on large and complex budgets, managing revenue pipelines and streamlining business operation processes makes her a valuable team member.

Sharon’s background and passion for property has enabled her to move seamlessly into the real estate industry and her ability to look beyond just the numbers means she is a talented problem-solver, decision-maker and analytical advisor.

Enthusiastic about community and communications, Sharon also volunteers her time and skills to a cause close to her heart, ABC Friends. As Treasurer of ABC Friends NSW & ACT Sharon joins other volunteers in representing public interests and promoting the vital role of Australia’s independent national public broadcaster.